MYOB Premier

MYOB Premier has all the features of Accounting Plus and looks identical to MYOB Accounting and Accounting Plus but includes Multi User and Multi Currency functionality. It is fully upgradable from Accounting or Accounting Plus. Added features include:

Record transactions in foreign currencies and keep track of realised and unrealised exchange rate gains and losses.

Track bank accounts held in foreign currencies and view your accounts receivable and accounts payable in Australian dollars and foreign currency.

Feature highlights:
· Work out exchange rates and convert amounts into foreign currencies or Australian dollars with the Currency Calculator
· Print reports in foreign currencies
· Assign a default currency to each customer and supplier

MYOB Premier is issued with three user licences. Several people can access information relevant to their work simultaneously.

This network access will speed up your internal processes and save your accounts staff from being interrupted with requests for information about inventory, sales, accounts, creditors etc.

Feature highlights:
· Premier runs on a standard Windows peer-to-peer network, so setting up and running your network is easy.
· Buy more licences can be added (around $150 each) as your business requirements change.
· Keep an audit trail of who enters transactions or makes changes to your company file.
· Set up password-protected user profiles to control which screens, reports and menu items each person has access to, ensuring sensitive business information remains discrete.

Please note:
While most features can be accessed in multi-user mode, some features (eg backing up, importing and exporting) require single-user access for security and file integrity reasons.